My name is George Rohrich, I am a senior at Portland State University studying International Development.  Over the past few years I have worked in the field of social work, and am now working to take my career to an international level. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, hiking and rafting with friends, having a coffee or tea with a good read.

I was born here in Turkey and will be spending the next year here studying  both Turkish and political and international sciences.  The city I am now living in, Istanbul, is a tapestry of different cultures, histories, and peoples and I look forward to sharing some of those features here with you!

I will be eager to explore certain topics about life in Turkey (think of me as your cultural personal investigator here!) which we can discuss, but I will also be taking a look at simple day-to-day things, and maybe we can look at some cultural differences and similarities. I’ll also be looking to you guys for questions and answers on what you find interesting here!

Good luck to everyone and let’s have an awesome term!

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. i am Jeremy, i really like to build things.i dont know why.my favorite place outside of this country is sweden, due to some tech invented there,and minecraft, which was also developed there

    1. Hi Jeremy,
      If you ever get the chance to go to Sweden, you should pop down to Denmark and see the original Lego-land. The scandinavians certainly do have a knack for efficiency and innovation! Hope you enjoy the blog and thanks for your comment!

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